Understanding Arizona Insurance Laws Through An Auto Accident Attorney In Tucson


In the state of Arizona, all drivers are required to maintain at least liability insurance to fulfill their financial responsibilities. These laws adhere to the national mandate for auto insurance, which were utilized to lower the probability of litigation by enforcing these laws. If you became an injury victim due to the actions of an uninsured driver, you should contact an auto accident attorney in Tucson today.

Automobile Insurance Laws in Arizona

The state enforces the automobile insurance laws for all drivers even those operating golf carts, mopeds, and motorcycles. If any driver who operates any motorized vehicle without acquiring insurance, they are subject to the penalties outlined by the state of Arizona and the county Department of Motor Vehicles. These penalties include suspension of the vehicle registration and the driver’s license of the individual operating the motorized vehicle. The state will impose fines and fees to reinstate both the driver’s license and the vehicle registration. Future proof of insurance is required for the driver to acquire a new registration and driver’s license. In most cases, the court orders the driver to acquire SR22 automobile insurance, which labels them as a risky driver. Ultimately, their insurance premiums will increase significantly and counterbalance any additional fines for further occurrences of driving without insurance. If the driver was involved in an automobile accident in which another driver or passenger sustained injuries, she or he is liable for their medical and repair costs. The state of Arizona will impose penalties that require the driver to compensate the victim for these expenditures.

Tort laws are applicable in some cases in which severe injuries or disfigurement occurred. These laws apply to pain or suffering due to physical or mental conditions caused by the accident. Although the state has taken measures to reduce these cases, they do allow lawsuits for these more severe cases.

An attorney can assist a victim in filing a claim to collect monetary damages after sustaining injuries in an accident, especially if an uninsured driver caused the accident. If you were injured in an accident that was not your fault, contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Tucson through Price and Price immediately.