Types and Uses of Camlock Coupling


If you are working in an industry that involves liquids that must be transported and stored in containers, you will need to uses leak-proof fittings. One of the most popular fitting choices is the camlock coupling which prevents leaking of any kind. They are very economical and they are also easy to connect and disconnect. In addition, it is safe, controlled and compact. They are very simple in their mechanism because all you have to do is insert the male adaptor into the female coupler and then close the arms. The groove couplings make this the easiest and safest way of connecting two pipes that could be transferring fluids or compressed air. They are airtight and do not leak.

A question that is often asked by those who have never used them before is where can they be used? Well, they are great when it comes to the management of water, petroleum, agriculture, dry bulk and chemicals. In addition, wineries tend to use them frequently. They can also be used in the transportation industry. They have been used in locking or connecting tanks and pumps to hoses for various reasons. Finally they are used quite extensively in industries that deal with liquids that are highly corrosive or flammable.

There are various types of camlock couplings. They can be made of stainless steel, nylon, brass, or aluminum. You also have the polypropylene coupling which comes in several different sizes and is customizable to your personal requirements and specifications. Brass couplings are a brilliant idea if you are working with high temperature fluids. These have been in high demand lately and can be found in many industries.

When you decide to buy your couplings you will need to make sure that you purchase from a manufacturer that is reputable or from their recognized distributors. Those who have been licensed to manufacture and distribute the couplings will follow the required high industry standards. The manufacturers will have ensured that the people working the cam locks are protected and have a low risk of injury during the manufacturing process. You can have them custom made if your requirements are outside the standard.

A camlock coupling is a device that you cannot do without if you will be transporting liquids. There are several types and are used in various industries.