Types of Sexual Abuse Counseling in Doylestown, PA to Consider


When it comes to Sexual Abuse Counseling in Doylestown PA, everyone is different, from children to adults. While you need to get counseling if you have been sexually abused, it is important to do your research and get the correct type of counseling for you or your loved one. Sexual abuse is a very serious thing and the wrong type of counseling can do more harm than good.

Read on below for some types of Sexual Abuse Counseling in Doylestown PA to help you decide which would be the best for you and your loved ones.

Individual Counseling
Individual counseling is available for the following people.

* Children and teenagers from ages 3 to 18, who have been sexually abused
* Any adults that were abused when they were children
* Anyone who has been raped, regardless of age
* Clients who are Spanish speaking

These sessions typically last about 50 minutes once a week.

Group Counseling
It is recommended that patients undergo individual counseling before they start any type of group counseling. These types of groups are for people who still need counseling, but also are able to deal with talking in front of a group of people about their problems. These sessions usually last about 90 minutes and are held once a week.

Crisis Intervention
This type of counseling is offered to survivors who were just recently raped or sexually abused. The crisis hotline can be reached 24-hours a day and can be used for victims of past abuse that are having a crisis as well.

Treatment Options
There are also many treatment options available to victims of sexual abuse as well. Everything from art therapy to play therapy has been used with success. The best treatment option is the one that you and your doctor come up with together. You should never try to cope with any type of sexual abuse on your own.

These are just a few of the different types of counseling and treatment options that can be used for victims of sexual abuse. You should never try to deal with any type of sexual abuse on your own; there is help out there.