Types of Windows in Topeka, KS


Windows in a house are the portals through which light, air and information flow. Everyone loves a house that has lots of windows, lots of bright light, windows that make you feel open to the outside view while enjoying the creature comforts indoors. The right windows can make even the smallest home feel spacious.

There are practically as many styles of Windows in Topeka KS as there are people. Windows serve a three-fold purpose in a home — they add beauty, have function, and are primary in keeping cold air in during the summer months, and cold air out during the winter.

One type of window is the casement window. It is often found in more “modern” type homes. Casement windows are usually hung on the side, and open wide to admit lots of light and fresh air. They also seal tightly when closed, and are weather and air tight. Another popular style of window are double hung windows. These windows open by pushing the bottom up, or the top down. (This feature is useful at times in homes with pets and/or children.) Only half of the window can be opened at any given time, and this style tends to be less weather tight than some others.

Picture windows offer large and unobstructed views of the great outdoors, but do not open. Bay windows protrude into the space past the wall of the house and let in light from three sides, and are well loved by most every homeowner who uses them. Be aware that the sides that open are generally unequipped with window screens, and therefore they not only let in air, but also bugs and mosquitoes. Louvered windows have glass slats and operate much like blinds. They can be tilted up or down to emit light and air, but do not seal well, and thus are only recommended for homes in year round temperate climates. Hopper windows tilt to the inside and are frequently used in basements. Awning windows are similar to Hopper windows, but tilt to the outside instead of inside. They open only slightly, enhancing privacy but allowing the passage of fresh air.

Windows add beauty, economy and functionality to homes, but installations can differ greatly, and therefore windows are not generally thought to be DIY friendly. Hire professional installers with a proven track record such as Mesler Roofing, Siding and Windows to do the job for you.