Types of Surgery Free Treatments for Back Pain


Back pain can be excruciating and can really bring down your quality of life. Back pain can lead to other issues in your body because the pain causes you to hold yourself a certain way for relief and can cause you to have trouble sleeping. Everything in your life can be disrupted from back pain which is why treatment is a necessity. If you’re looking for back pain treatment in Danvers MA, the following options don’t require surgery.

Types of Back Pain Treatment

People who are looking for options that don’t put them under the knife can rest easy knowing such solutions exist. As always it’s a good idea to do your own research about the types of treatment available and the places that offer them.

  • PRP Therapy
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Chiropractic care

There are people who swear by their monthly chiropractor visits. In fact, some people go multiple times a week to get re-aligned. The chiropractor focuses on the way your nervous system functions with your spine. They will provide a variety of pressure therapy and repositioning to align your spine and relieve pain. Stem cell therapy is a type that uses donated cells injected into the spine to help repair the damaged tissue there. PRP therapy takes platelets from a blood draw that can be injected to help heal the tissue.

Finding a Good Clinic

Not all health facilities will offer these types of back pain treatment options in Danvers, MA. If you are truly searching for surgery free treatment then you need to go to a facility like cherryhealthgroup.com. There are several reasons you could be experiencing back pain and until you are looked over, there’s no way to know what the proper treatment will be. Stop just putting up with back pain and find a real solution for yourself. It’s time to start living.