Types of Cases Handled by a Dental Malpractice Attorney in Carrollton


The subject of medical malpractice is familiar to most people. They have probably read about cases in the news or seen the topic addressed in TV medical dramas. They may know somebody whose family has been impacted by negligence or errors on the part of medical staff. Malpractice can also occur in dental clinics, causing serious problems for the patient. A dental malpractice attorney in Carrollton represents clients who have been harmed in this way.

Errors in Extraction

Numerous kinds of incidents have resulted in significant monetary settlements by the clinics’ insurance companies. One of the most distressing examples involves a dentist extracting a healthy tooth in error. Malpractice insurance should be expected to pay for a dental implant in this case, but a dental malpractice attorney in Carrollton may also justifiably expect the insurer to pay an amount for emotional trauma as well.

Diagnosis and Treatment Errors

Failing to properly diagnose or treat oral health problems is another serious problem. Leaving tooth decay or a root infection untreated can lead to worse issues and perhaps even a need for extraction. If a dentist cracks or breaks a tooth while drilling tooth decay, this may qualify as malpractice.

Problems Because of Dental Tools

Using a dental instrument in an imprecise manner can cause nerve damage, with resulting temporary or permanent numbness or ongoing episodes of discomfort or pain. This can happen when a dentist is performing a treatment or even when a hygienist is cleaning the teeth. Legal cases have also involved the use of unsterilized dental instruments, which can cause infections to be transmitted between patients.

Cosmetic Treatment Malpractice

In addition, harm caused by cosmetic dental treatment also may qualify as malpractice. The application of veneers, for example, requires removing some of the tooth surfaces to make room for these cosmetic devices. If this is not done as carefully as it should be, ongoing discomfort can develop. The patient also may dislike the way the veneers look and feel the cosmetic treatment was misrepresented.

All of these circumstances should be viewed as real injuries for which the person deserves resolution and financial compensation. An attorney such as Diane M. Sternlieb provides assistance to clients in these circumstances. Visit Website Domain for contact information.