Types of Gardens for Landscaping in Virginia Beach


Landscaping in Virginia Beach is one way to improve the looks of your home. The outside of a home can reflect the tastes and personality of the owner as well as the inside. The land is commonly the first thing people notice as they pass by your house. Unkempt land will make your home an eyesore which could give you a bad reputation. If you plan to sell your home, you need it to look good. Whether you plan to move or not, you can consider adding various types of gardens for landscaping in Virginia Beach.

The Cottage Garden

The cottage garden design originated from the first settlers in New England. Cottage gardens tend to be crowded with small flowers and they have little structure. Cottage garden flowers vary in height and color. The taller shrubs are commonly placed behind shorter plants. The plants in front can be complimentary colors that match the backdrop. A white picket fence adds to the charm of this type of garden.

The Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden can be a peaceful place where you can relax and meditate. This enclosed garden is easy to design. In fact, the design will be symmetrical, it appears random It consists of very few plants and little color which makes it a good sanctuary. Another feature of the Japanese garden is the use of artifacts and structures. The structures do not have to be expensive, but you still want one large piece with a weathered look.

The Courtyard Garden

The courtyard garden is common in Mexico and California. They are based on the desert landscapes of the areas. You can enter them from different rooms of the house like going onto a patio. A courtyard garden feature lush plants with a great deal of color. Some designs may consist of tropical plants that adapt well in the environment. Other features of the courtyard garden include colored tiles or paving stones that blend with the landscape.

You have a variety of choices for landscaping in Virginia Beach. These gardens will add curb appeal to your home and make it enjoyable. The kind you choose depends on your skill and the climate you live. You may be able to incorporate elements from each of the gardens. For your garden needs, visit Southern Roots Landscaping of VA.