Two of the Most Significant Reasons for the Popularity of Carbon Steel in Seattle WA


There are dozens of different alloys of steel available on the market at any given time. In certain cases, only an especially advanced alloy of steel produced in a high-end foundry will be suitable to a particular project or application.

In many others, however, far less exotic types of steel will win out when a thorough analysis of the options is conducted. By making good use of relatively humble Carbon Steel Seattle WA businesses, for example, regularly enjoy several significant benefits.

A Versatile Type of Steel That Serves Well in Many Applications

Companies like Specialty Metals often stock types of steel that have been carefully formulated to excel in very specific and highly demanding environments. There are also steel alloys, though, that are considered much more generally applicable and versatile.

The Carbon Steel Seattle WA suppliers so often sell is an excellent example of this phenomenon. While all types of steel contain significant amounts of carbon, the specific level of that additive found in an alloy will influence its properties greatly.

Varieties of steel that are known for having high amounts of carbon normally contain about 1.5 percent of that element by weight. With this being significantly more than is found in many other common steel alloys, adding so much carbon contributes to improved:

  • Hardness.

Virtually any type of steel will be significantly harder than the elemental iron that makes up the bulk of its mass. One of the reasons for this is that adding carbon to iron encourages the resulting material to adopt a more regular molecular configuration. The elevated levels of carbon found in high-carbon steels take this frequently desirable result to an even higher level. As a result, carbon steels often boast hardness figures that make them especially appropriate for use in tooling and the like.

  • Affordability.

Despite being so hard, carbon steel tends to be quite inexpensive. That is because the process of creating this type of material is not especially involved.

Carbon Steel is Available in Many Forms

As those who visit online destinations detailing the matter will see, carbon steel can also be obtained in a wide variety of formats and sizes. This contributes to the overall appeal and usefulness of an especially versatile type of metal.