Troubleshooting a Commercial Ice Machine in Kansas City

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Most companies have a commercial ice machine for their workers to get ice instantly. A Commercial Ice Machine in Kansas City produces tons of ice within a short amount of time. The process is very simple. It’s similar to an ice maker many people have in their homes. Instead of running water into an ice tray and placing it in the freezer for hours to make ice, ice makers automatically make ice in a short amount of time.

The process is simple but when the ice machine breaks down, then it may be time to call a professional technician to come out and fix the problem. However, before calling a technician there are a few things you can check to see if the problem can be fixed. Since each Commercial Ice Machine in Kansas City will vary depending on the age, brands, and use, make sure you read over the manual first. There may be error codes or lights that will provide you valuable information as to what is wrong with your equipment.

Most new commercial ice machines will have these codes and lights on them. If there are error codes or indicator lights located on the ice machine, check the manual to see what these mean. Many manuals with come with clear instructions as to what should be done if an indicator light or code comes on. Many times the bulb is out and needs to be replaced. Sometimes the “off” or “lock” light has been activated and has caused the ice machine to turn off. Simply turn it back on or push “unlock.”

If the machine is older and doesn’t have these indicators, the next step is to do an inspection. First, unplug the refrigerator. It may just need to be reset. Keep it unplugged for a few minutes. Most refrigerators will have a reset button located inside of it. Hit the reset button to see if that works.

Check out the bin. If there is build up on the surface or wall of the ice maker, then it needs to be cleaned out. Check the water supply to see if it is flowing correctly through the tubes. Next, check out the evaporator plate. If it is changing colors, that could be the problem. The plate could be causing the ice to jam. If none of these things work, it’s time to call a service technician.