Tree Service In Brooklyn NY Will Keep Your Trees Healthy

Tree Service

To keep your trees healthy, they require more than just water. In fact, healthy trees require adequate sunshine, proper aeration of the ground so that nutrients can get down to the root system and they need to be trimmed about twice each year. They should also be inspected once a year for signs of disease or insect infestation. Tree trimming is probably one of the most important things you can do for your tree, especially if you want to help them grow properly.

The best time to trim your trees is at the beginning and end of the growth cycle each year. Once your trees have gone dormant for the winter you should prune back the old growth. You will want to trim back the limbs at the last growth marker. This will look like the knuckle on your hand. By cutting back to that point, you will allow the new growth to come in properly in the spring. You will also want to cut back the top so that your tree will not become top heavy.

Once the spring arrives and your tree begins to grow back, you will want to trim away any suckers that appear. Suckers are those small offshoots that grow out of the branches. Too many suckers can draw vital nutrients away from your tree and prevent proper growth. Removing the suckers will also allow your tree to grow properly and maintain a proper balance of limbs. Too many suckers will cause your tree to become unbalanced and can cause it to suffer nutritionally.

You will also want to inspect for bugs or signs of disease. Tree service in Brooklyn NY will come out to your home and provide treatment for any bugs you may have in your tree, as well as taking care of any diseases that might be detected. Diseased and infested limbs should be removed to prevent further infestation. Your tree service in Brooklyn NY will ensure that the infested limbs are removed from your tree as soon as possible. When you Choose Royal Tree Service, your trees will remain healthy and grow in properly.