When pruning a tree it is important that the pruning take place at appropriate times. For instance, pruning a fruit tree while it is still developing can help prevent the need to prune large branches when the tree has matured. While it might seem fine to prune large branches from a mature fruit tree, it is important to note that the practice may actually invite the infestation of bugs, and the introduction of diseases.

There are three different types of tree pruning practices that your tree will require. Those include heading-back, thinning-out, and cutting-back. Each one will require a different type of cut, and it will need to be performed at a different time in the growth cycle of the tree. A service that performs tree pruning in Bronx NY will be able to provide you with the appropriate services for your trees.

Pruning off the top or crown of a young tree is referred to as heading-back. The process removes the top portion of the main tree trunk, which will allow the tree to branch out in different directions from the top. When heading-back it is important to keep track of the new growth that develops, especially if your tree begins to develop a substantial amount of new growth.

Thinning out a tree will remove the unnecessary branches and allow the remaining branches to have more room for growth. It also allows interior branches the opportunity to receive more sunshine and moisture. When thinning out your tree it is important that you not remove too many of the lower branches or you may end up with a weakened tree. During the thinning-out process you should remove the smaller suckers from the interior and top of the tree to provide for better growth.

When it is time to cut-back your trees it is important that it be done properly. Pruning a tree just for the sake of pruning it can cause irreversible damage to it. In order to properly cut-back a tree, the limb should be cut back to the previous limb collar, or the point of the last pruning cut. A professional tree service will know where your trees should be cut back to.

Proper pruning will keep your trees healthy, and allow them to grow strong. It is important to remember that some new growth will need to be removed each year to promote tree health.

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