What Treatments Does the Dentist in Dubuque Offer for Tooth Infections?


Tooth infections can occur in any tooth, but are often more common in the molars. These teeth have larger root structures and a denser inner tissue area. This gives more area for the infection to breed and cause problems in the tooth. When an infection occurs in the tooth it is called an abscess. Abscessed teeth can cause symptoms, such as pain, swelling around the tooth and in the jaw, pus drainage and foul breath. When the infection becomes severe, it can even cause you to run a fever. When you experience these types of symptoms, it is important to seek treatment right away from the Dentist in Dubuque.

What Happens When You See Your Dentist With an Infection?

When an infection has invaded the soft tissue of your teeth and entered the root structure, you will often need a root canal. The dentist will first need to examine your tooth and perform X-rays. This will allow him or her to see how severe your infection is and how far down in the root structure it has spread. Once you have been examined, the dentist will then numb the area of your tooth so you do not feel any pain. Once you are numb, the dentist will make a small opening in your tooth. This opening will allow instruments to be used to remove the soft tissue of the tooth, including the nerve and any infection present. Using canal scrapers, the dentist will completely remove any signs of infection and will then treat the infection with antibiotics. Until your tooth has healed, the dentist will temporarily seal the tooth.
You will most likely be given an oral antibiotic to take for a couple of weeks, depending on the degree of infection you have. The Dentist in Dubuque will monitor your condition and make sure you are being treated with the right regime of medication. Once your infection has been cured, the dentist will permanently seal off your tooth with a filling.

If you suspect you may have a tooth infection, you need dental care right away. Contact the office of Lundell and Hoy Dentistry and make your appointment today. They will take care of your tooth and help you to prevent tooth loss.