Treatment Programs Offered in a California Drug Rehab Clinic


There are many reasons why people decide to take drugs. They might have been faced with a tragic event in their life that made them become depressed. They therefore turn to drugs as a way of coping with the depression. Some people take drugs because of peer pressure and the desire to fit in while others do it to forget the pain or misery that they are facing in life. Although it is quite understandable why people take drugs, there are dangers and harmful effects as a result of drug addiction. Some of them are loss of life, friends and family, wealth, and health. This leads to loneliness and the inability to control one’s life.

Therefore, drug addicts usually seek for help from a drug rehab clinic so that their life can change. This clinic is the best place for a drug addict because it has qualified professionals who have the ability to rehabilitate an individual so that he or she can get their life back. There are different treatment programs that a drug rehab clinic offers for their patients. These programs usually depend on the addiction and the care that the individual requires. They include:

  • Drugs and alcohol addiction treatment program: The most common forms of addiction that drug rehab clinics face (which is prevalent in both the young and old), are drugs and alcohol addiction. This program offers addicts the opportunity to have counselors, therapists, mentors, and psychiatrists according to their needs. Young people who are suffering from this addiction usually perform very poorly in schools. This treatment therefore includes the opportunity to meet and interact with academic advisers who will take them through their lessons and help them get back on track. There are California drug rehab clinics that offer these young people an opportunity to improve on their studies and join college within the institution. This means that their life will not stop with their addiction. They can resume their studies and be able to have a great future.
  • Specialized addiction treatment program: This is a program that specifically targets addicts according to their age, sex, and the type of drug that they are addicted to. There are treatment programs that offer men or women only treatment programs. This is because men and women respond to drugs differently. There are drug rehab clinics that cater to men, women, or young adults because their needs are different. Others specifically cater for those who are addicted to alcohol only.
  • Relapse treatment program: When an addict leaves a California drug rehab treatment facility, they might find it difficult to live a drug free life and as a result start using drugs again. When this happens, the facility will incorporate a relapse program that builds their life skills, emotional and physical wellbeing so that they do not relapse again.