Treatment Options for Acne Scar Treatment in Chevy Chase MD


Many people have scars that are visible. This can cause them to be self conscious about their appearance. One of the most common types of scars comes from acne. In some cases, people with acne attempt to pop their pimples themselves, exposing the underlying skin to dirt or bacteria, which can cause scarring. Some people have had severe forms of acne, which attributed to their scarring. In the past, dermabrasion was a much sought after scar treatment in Chevy Chase MD. The procedure is still utilized, but many dermatologists are using new technology in their treatments for scars. The use of lasers has become popular in the dermatology community.

There are many benefits to opting for laser treatments to reduce or eliminate acne scarring. Healing times are significantly reduced. Certain types of laser treatments provide an immediate result without even showing signs that patients had them performed. Scar treatment eliminates scarring in most patients. Some patients may have severe scarring from conditions such as cystic acne. These patients can benefit from having the procedure performed because they can see an improvement in their scars by as much as 80%.

The use of lasers to reduce the appearance of scars is often referred to as laser resurfacing. There are currently three different services available. Dermatologists consult with patients and observe their skin to determine which procedure will produce the best results. The three types of laser surgery are Fraxel, Smoothbeam and VBeam.

Fraxel is the most modern technique. The process is extremely targeted and involves depleting pigmented cells. The laser does not affect the surrounding skin with this method. Smoothbeam involves the use of cryogen, which is a numbing agent. Some patients experience redness after this option, but it heals quickly. The affected skin and surrounding skin are treated in this procedure.

VBeam is effective for patients who have scars that are of different textures. For example, you may have seen someone with indented acne scars. VBeam is an effective scar treatment in Chevy Chase MD that ensures smoothness for these patients. It also reduces pigmentation and has many other benefits.

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