Treating Neck Pain in Clarksville, TN


Neck pain can cause headaches, dizziness and make it impossible to sleep. This uncomfortable situation can occur at any time and make everything in your life, from dressing to driving, painful to accomplish. Most of the time, despite the discomfort, this type of injury is not dangerous and effective treatment is possible.

There are many causes of Neck Pain in Clarksville TN. Spending too much time hunched over a computer screen, sleeping on worn out pillows and even cases of TMJ disorder can be to blame. Many people also suffer from neck pain following a car accident, a slip and fall incident or a sports injury.

One of the fastest and most effective means of treating Neck Pain in Clarksville TN is with chiropractic care. This method is non-invasive, drug-free and works on patients of all ages. Nearly any type of neck pain can be reduced with chiropractic treatment, regardless of the cause.

When you seek this type of treatment your chiropractor will begin by assessing your condition. They will want a full medical history and will often order x-rays or other types of testing to be certain of the exact cause of the problem before they begin with treatment.

Treatment will involve specific types of manipulation of the neck and back. It may be done with the hands or using specific medical instruments which can gently help to realign the spine. Stretching, massage and trigger point therapy may also be utilized to help provide the maximum amount of pain relief.

Ultrasound and electrical stimulation may also be used depending on the severity of the conditions. Your chiropractor will also generally suggest changing your diet to something which can help to maintain weight or provide extra nutrition for the bones and joints. They will also usually recommend some form of exercise as well as suggest treating the area regularly with either heat or cold or a combination of both.

Before you make an appointment with Chiropractic, it will be very helpful for you to record any pertinent medical information including previous injuries, any illnesses or conditions you have been diagnosed with and a list of all medications and supplements you are currently taking. You can also watch videos on Youtube for more information.