Track Lighting 101

Electronics and Electrical

When thinking about track lighting, images of plane hallways and theater aisles come to mind. In recent years, track lighting has pushed out of its industrial only box and has moved into the world of modern homes. Track lighting is now expertly designed and modernized. Using track lighting in your Chicago home is a great way to enhance your decor and provide great practical lighting solutions you can use every day. Here are some great uses for track lighting in Chicago that you may not have considered.

In the Kitchen

The use of track lights in the kitchen are not only a stylish way to light your room, they also provide structure and definition. Installing track lights over your countertop or kitchen table adds an exciting design element, and it’s practical. Normally, track lights use a series of bulbs pointing in different directions. This creates extra lighting options, and due to the innovative design, light shines further into the room. In some cases, you will even be able to adjust the position of the lights.

Cut Down on Costs

You will notice a change in the number of light bulbs you are buying. The use of track lights and the multiple bulb system is a great way to cut down these costs. Each light uses less electricity, and therefore needs to be changed less often. Consider adding a dimmer system to your lights for added savings.

Extra Light Source

Track lighting can be used underneath cabinets and shelves, or even under the drawers of your workspace. Using track lighting along the bottoms of your cabinets is a handy way to gain extra light. In the kitchen, track lights lead to safer cutting and slicing practices. In the bathroom, track lights are a great choice, especially for women. Applying makeup can be a difficult task when the lighting is bad. But, with track lights surrounding the mirror, you will apply your makeup with ease.

For some more tips on how to use track lighting in Chicago, contact Fox Lighting Galleries.