Top Ways to Prevent Needle Sticks in Nurses Who Work in Hayward, CA


Needlesticks are a very real danger to nurses while on the job. While no safety program can prevent accidents 100% of the time, there are steps that can be taken to drastically reduce the risk of being stuck with needles and increase nurse safety. Here are a few recommended ways to do this.

Include Feedback

By listening to employees who are on the frontline and including their opinions and feedback in policy-making decisions, the likelihood that the employees will adopt the recommendations is increased exponentially. Safety equipment can be inspected and tested by the actual employees who use them, not just managerial staff whose job it is to adhere to budgetary constraints.

Simplify Selection Process

For greater adherence, it is highly recommended that the selection process for safety equipment not be solely based upon price. While the price may be an important aspect to the administrative staff, it is much less expensive in the long run to pay a bit more upfront for higher-quality nurse safety gear than to have to pay out money in lawsuits down the line due to shoddy workplace protections.

Needless Injections

The majority of nurses prefer to use injection tools that do not rely on needles. When these devices are used, there is no risk of being stuck and infected. This puts the entire staff at ease.

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