Top Tips for Safely Transporting Food to Your Next Summer Picnic


With summer in full swing, picnics in the park are a common occurrence. Picnics can provide a great opportunity to enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer while partaking in delicious picnic staples such as hot dogs, potato chips, and pie. To ensure your next picnic is a total success, we offer these simple food transportation tips as a proud Acura dealer near Highland Park.

Secure It

Your picnic basket likely contains many items that seem harmless enough but could become dangerous projectiles in the event of sudden braking or a collision. That’s why it’s so important to stow and close your picnic basket before leaving home securely. Utilize rope or bungee cords to prevent the picnic basket from opening, then stow the basket in a trunk or cargo area using a cargo net.

Take the Temperature

If you plan on bringing hot or cold food to your next outing, it’s important to bring along a portable thermometer. That’s because food has a small range of temperatures that it must stay within in order to be safe to eat. By properly packaging your food beforehand using ice or cold packs for cold food and heat packs or insulated bags for hot food, you should have no trouble maintaining your food’s temperature until your friends and family devour it.

Keep it Clean

Despite your best efforts, spills sometimes occur. Spills may happen more often as you make your way home or as you hurriedly put away leftovers to have more time to spend with your friends or loved ones. To prevent a minor accident from turning into a major mess, line the area where you plan on stowing your food with a barrier to catch any spills along the way. Use several layers of old towels to catch any liquid, as well as a waterproof barrier, such as a plastic wrap or aluminum foil, to provide an extra layer of insurance.

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