Top Tips for Keeping Your Car Washed in Winter

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Keeping your car looking great is a priority for you year-round – but what happens when the temperature drops in the late fall and winter? Can you still take a trip to the car wash, or should you skip the detailing for a while?

Here’s your guide to keeping your vehicle looking fresh throughout the entire year:

When to Wash

If you live in an area with a cold climate, a weekly wash in the winter is a must for keeping the buildup of road salt and the debris left from snow, rain, and sleet off your car.

If you’ve ever seen cars that look “stained” from snow, you know just how unattractive that can be. It isn’t just the snow that causes this, though. Rock salt can also do a number on your vehicle as you navigate winter roads. Wash your vehicle weekly to keep it clean, and be sure to dry it afterward. Remember, salt will stick to a wet car, which would negate the effort of washing it in the first place!

When to Hold Off

Worried about washing your car in winter’s cold? As long as the temperature is above freezing while your car will be wet, you shouldn’t have any problems. However, if the temperature drops to freezing during or shortly after your wash, you may experience frozen windows or door handles. Always check the weather forecast before washing and dry your windows and door handles thoroughly to avoid this sticky situation. Otherwise? Wash your car to your heart’s content!

Wax On (While It’s Still Warm Outside)

If you’re planning on having your car waxed, visit your Fairmont, WV car wash before winter arrives – or while the temperature is still at or above 50 degrees. This will ensure that the wax is in place to protect your car from road salt damage in time for it to be effective. That will help you keep your car looking great longer – even when the weather outside is frightful!