Top Three Facts About Water Damage Restoration In San Antonio

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Water damage can unfortunately happen to just about any homeowner at just about any time. In some cases, water damage can occur as a result of a fire in a nearby home, while in many others it’s the result of flooding. Whatever the cause, it’s an issue that needs to be addressed relatively quickly, lest it spiral out of control. The consequences of failing to address water damage range from something as mild to mold and mildew damage to something far more serious like the weakening of your home’s foundation. Here are the top three facts about water damage restoration in San Antonio all homeowners should keep in mind.

Fact #1: Don’t Wait

When faced with water damage, some homeowners are content to wait and see the extent of the damage before calling to inquire about any repairs. The logic behind this approach is that the damage may get worse, or that it might not be as bad as it first appears. While either option is certainly possible, it’s far more likely that the damage is exactly as it appears, and delaying restoration will result in more permanent damage being done to your belongings and your home.

Fact #2: Mold Isn’t The Worst Case Scenario

Some homeowners wait to inquire about restoration because they believe that the worst case is a mold infestation, in which case it can be addressed in due course. The reality is that depending on the type of water that has damaged your home, there are far worse things to be worried about. For example, so-called “black water” can often flood your home, bringing things like E. Coli, salmonella, and even hepatitis A into contact with you and your family. It’s best to call a water damage specialist to come assess the damage done, as soon as possible, to avoid potential contamination.

Fact #3: Don’t Do It Yourself

Cleaning up after water damage is not a do-it-yourself type job. There are numerous health risks involved in this field, some of which may not be readily apparent. Hiring a reputable company staffed by individuals with knowledge, expertise, and the proper equipment will result in the job being done right, without putting you or your family at further risk.

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