Top Things Your Caterer Wants to Know When You Call

Food Service

As soon as you decide to plan an event or get married, your thoughts usually turn to everything from securing the venue to what type of food to prepare and how to serve it. That is where the catering services in Watsonville, CA come in. However, there are a few things that your caterer wishes you knew as a client. Read on below for a few of the things your caterer will want you to know when you call in for an appointment.

Date, Venue, and Guest Count

Date, venue and the guest count are the most important pieces of information you can have when you make that call to your catering services in Watsonville, CA. If you don’t have these three simple pieces of information, it may be hard for your caterer to help you, so have them with you when you make that call to be sure.

Setup and Breakdown

The last thing you want is your well-meaning friends handling the setup and breakdown of the catering of the event. Make sure that you let the caterer know ahead of time that you need the caterers themselves to handle the setup and breakdown of the event, so they will schedule the time to do so at the beginning and end of the event.

Kitchen Equipment

Cooking can’t be done without the proper equipment, so let the caterer know when you call what type of equipment you have and what they need for you to provide for them to do their job the right way.

These are just a few of the top things that your caterer needs you to know on your first call. For more information on catering services in Watsonville, CA, contact Business Name for an appointment and the help you need.