Top Signs of Aging and How to Correct Them

Cosmetic and Plastic

Getting older happens to you, and to everyone. In many cases it is hard to say exactly what makes you look old, and it is a very gradual process. It really is not avoidable, but there are some specific signs of aging that can be lessened. Wrinkles, sagging, and dull looking skin are all part of what can make you look old, yet there are steps you can take to minimize these affects.


When people are asked what makes them feel old, a common response is their wrinkles. Crow’s feet around the eyes and laugh lines around the mouth are regular complaints from men and women. The first step in combating wrinkles is sun protection. The damage caused by the sun is going to cause wrinkles, and adequate sun safety is going to help you stay looking young. Now you may have not known that in your younger years, and you need to deal with the wrinkles you have currently. There are a number of treatment options. Moisturizing creams with anti-aging formulas are a great way to start minimizing your wrinkles, but if you want drastic results, you may need to see a cosmetic surgeon to find out what your options are.


Your skin does not bounce back as well any more as you age, and is one of the most telling signs of age. It can impact all of your body and your face, which can reduce confidence and make you feel old. There are some ways to treat the loss of elasticity, including firming creams and cosmetic surgery. A neck lift in Glenview can help remove jowls, which can give you a more youthful face.

Dull Skin

Rejuvenation of your skin slows down a lot as you get older. This leads to dull looking skin that shows your age. Facial treatments that promote skin cell turnover are going to provide you the bright skin you are looking for. You can also make sure to treat your face well, which requires gentle cleaning and proper moisturizer to look its best.

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