Top Reasons the Springs Are Breaking on Your Garage Door in Melbourne, FL

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Springs on a garage door can break for several reasons. As a working part of the door, springs will naturally wear out over time. But why did those springs break, anyway?

Wear and tear

Wear and tear on garage door springs is totally normal. They are a working part of the door, and as such, will take damage over time. Every time you open or close the door, those springs keep the door moving correctly. Constant opening and closing will put natural pressure on the springs, and they will eventually wear out. If you need to replace normally worn out parts, choosing the best garage door service in Melbourne, FL, is key.

Physical damage

Springs can also be damaged by more than just wear and tear. Depending on the climate in your area, you may experience frequent changes between hot and cold temperatures. These changes cause the metal in the springs to expand and contract, leading to extra damage.

Also, extreme rain and snow can cause springs to rust. The rust eats away at the metal. The springs can no longer take the weight load of the door. The springs will break one by one, putting additional weight onto other springs and onto different parts of the door. As the pressure on the other parts of the door increases, they will eventually become damaged, too. Replacing your springs regularly can help spare you future damage down the road.

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