Tired of Your Cat Climbing on Your Kitchen Counter? A Solution is Available!


Are you constantly shooing your cat off the kitchen table or counters? Perhaps, you spend several times a day cleaning up spilled plants or picking up knick-knacks your cuddly fur baby has knocked off a shelf. Cats were born natural explorers and will spend the day climbing onto high places or walking across areas that you do not want them to go. This can be a nuisance and pose a risk for household items to be broken as your cat climbs on different areas of your home. The last place you want find your kitty is lounging on your kitchen counter or walking across the table your family enjoys their meals at. With an indoor fence for cats, there is a solution available to keep your feline friends from accessing areas you do not want them in.

How the Fencing Works

An Indoor Fence for cats consists of what we call Indoor Shields® Solutions – small, portable discs that you place in areas you do not want your cats to have access to. This device creates a signal in a circular shape up to a 12 feet span to prevent your cat from accessing areas of a room, prevent them from jumping on countertops, or climbing onto your furniture. Your feline friend will wear a collar that will produce a warning tone if your pet gets too close to the space protected by the Shields unit. This is a warning to the cat not to enter the area and if your pet proceeds to enter the space, they will receive a mild static correction to let them know they should get back.

Keep Your Property and Pets Happy and Safe

Invisible Fence® Brand offers a solution to help keep your pets protected from accessing dangerous areas or spaces that you do not want them in. For over 45 years, they have provided high-quality products using the latest technology available to prevent animals from leaving your property. You no longer have to worry about coming home to knocked over plants, other personal items, or broken décor with this effective tool that helps control where your pets go.