Tired of Frequent Roofing Repairs in Middletown? 4 Signs That You Need a New Roof


There are very important factors about your roof that you should understand. Just like you should learn to live with someone with their pros and cons in order to maintain a healthy relationship, you should try and get to know better your kind of roof. If you do this, you will learn how to properly maintain your roof with the least amount of money and effort. With the right repairs at the right times, your roof will last longer and will serve you throughout its entire lifespan.

But, even with proper care, you should know that nothing lasts forever. Time takes its toll, and you will need to replace your roof eventually even if you have performed frequent repairs. Below are the signs to look out for to determine whether the roof needs replacement by experts in roofing repairs in Middletown.

Dark streaks

You’ve recently noticed dark streaks on the inside walls coming from your roof, and may be asking yourself what this means. You might not even imagine that the reason for this is that your roof is leaking. If the problem is major and you still find yourself facing the same issues even after the repairs, then you should start budgeting for a new roof.

Frequent repairs

An old roof can give you a lot of headaches, especially if it requires frequent repairs. The need for repairs mostly arises during the rainy season, when water leaks are more likely to happen. So, when faced with this kind of issue, do your math, and you will see that a new roof will be much cheaper and less stressing than an old one.

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Some roof parts missing

After years, and especially if the roof has completed its lifespan, there is always a tendency of it becoming structurally weak. In the case of shingles roofing, the loose shingles may be blown off by strong wind or heavy rainfall. So, if you find yourself replacing missing roof parts constantly, it may be the right time to replace the entire roof.

There is light in the house through the roof

Missing roof parts and loose nails are the main culprits of letting daylight in through the roof. This problem can be repaired but, if it keeps happening, consider installing a new roof to enjoy the benefits and warranties that come with it.

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