Tips to Avoid Being Ripped Off by Auto Repair Services in Beaverton


Contrary to what some people may believe, not all auto repair mechanics are waiting in the shadows so they can scoop up their next victim. Most shops who do Auto Repair in Beaverton are willing to perform the necessary repairs and do quality work for their customers. Although there are many good auto repair shops available, on occasion, you may run across one who doesn’t run a reputable business. Here are some tips on how you can avoid being ripped off by the bad guys.

When you initially visit or call the auto repair shop, provide the mechanic with a list of the things you believe need done. If you are not sure what necessary repairs need to be done, you will have to depend on their diagnostic skills to provide you with a list.

Ask about warranty repairs if your car is under warranty. This could allow you to use the warranty to cover the cost of some repairs.

When you get an estimate, ask for it in writing.

If there are repairs needs that you don’t understand, ask the mechanic for clarification. They will be able to explain why your car needs what it does.

Ask for references. Auto Repair Beaverton has customer testimonials that tell about their services and the experiences from previous customers. It never hurts to ask for the references so you can ask others for yourself.

Inquire with friends and family members about Auto Repair Beaverton. Just about everyone has encountered a time where they had to have something fixed on their car. This is good way to get information about those auto shops who perform quality work.

Much of the information you hear about being ripped off by auto repair services isn’t true, however, there are a few instances of that happening.

Last but not least, if you want quality repairs performed on your auto, Du Fresne’s Auto Repair can provide you with quality service at reasonable prices.

They can do things such as:



Water pump repairs


Transmission work

Air bag replacement

Steering work

Those are just a few of the services offered by them. They offer a team of experienced technicians who are certified to perform service to your vehicle. They even offer some coupons that are available online! Their reputation speaks for itself by having customer testimonials available for everyone to view.