Tips on Solving Leaking Pipes Until Plumbers Colorado Springs Can Make Permanent Repairs

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Anytime a homeowner finds that one of the pipes in their home is leaking, it can be a distressful situation. They generally will be concerned with how much damage the leaking water pipe can cause to their home and the things contained in it. If this type of situation occurs on the weekend or during a holiday, the situation can be even more stressful as the homeowner will need to find Plumbers Colorado Springs who are available on an emergency basis.

When a homeowner finds that they are in need of Plumbers Colorado Springs on an emergency basis, one of the first concerns they may have is how expensive the charge will be for work done after hours. Many plumbers may offer services, but they may be rather costly. In addition, the plumber that can be found for an emergency repair may not be well known to the homeowner and this can make the situation even more difficult. Sometimes the best course of action can be for the homeowner to temporarily repair the problem, and then call their normal plumber during regular business hours.

Fixing a leaking pipe can be done if the homeowner has a few tools and a bit of time to spend on the project. First, they will need to turn the water off to the area where the leak is occurring. Often the shut off valves under a nearby faucet or behind the toilet will accomplish this. If they do not, the homeowner will need to shut the main water valve off. Often, this can be found near the water meter or by the street. Some valves will require the use of a wrench or other type of tool to turn the water off. If the homeowner cannot turn their water off, they will need to call the local water utility department for assistance in this task.

Once the water is off, there are several types of repair kits that can be found the hardware store to fix a leaking pipe temporarily. One of the most common involves using a rubber pad that goes over the leak and then around the pipe. It is held in place with metal plates that act like a clamp to keep it tight against the pipe. This type of patch will generally last a few days and this should provide ample time to have a plumber come out and fix the leak properly.