Tips on Selecting a Wood Fence in Saint Paul MN for a Residential Property


Many homeowners decide to improve the exterior of their home and the property surrounding it by installing a Wood Fence along the perimeter of the property. This can be a good choice for not only enhancing the look of the property, but also in helping to increase the safe and secure feeling members of the household feel.

When choosing a fence for their property, a homeowner will need to clearly identify what the main purpose of the fence will be. Knowing this can help them in deciding one of the many different styles of Wood Fence in Saint Paul MN. It can also be helpful in making sure they stay within the financial budget they have for the project.

One of the most common types of fence a person may decide on can be a picket style fence. While most people may associate this type of fence with being a decorative little white fence, there are many ways this type of fence can be created around a home. While some are more decorative, others are designed to provide security and privacy as well.

Picket fences are fences created with separate pieces of wood that are evenly spaced and placed vertically against a frame. These vertical pieces of wood are generally three to four feet in height, although some may be taller. The top of these pieces is cut in a variety of styles such as dog-eared, scalloped or in an Adirondack style. Sometimes decorate wooden finials are placed on the posts as well. This type of fence can be very stylish and give a great look to a home’s appearance.

Homeowners who would like their Wood Fence in Saint Paul MN to provide more security may want to consider a stockade style fence. This type of fence is generally five to six feet in height. While this type of fence is designed in a similar way to a picket fence, the boards are closely fitted. This can provide the best in privacy and security for the residents.

When choosing a wood fence, deciding on the type of wood can be an important factor to consider as well. Many people prefer cedar for its durability and good looks. However, redwood can also be a good option it is very durable and offers a good look to a home, but it does not need as much maintenance as other wood types.