Tips for Remodeling Bathroom Showers Omaha

Home Improvement

Many homes come equipped with a bathroom showers Omaha. It is a part of the house used almost daily and something we look forward to in the afternoon. Showers help us relax after a hard day at work. However, showers are not usually given much thought in the design or remodeling of bathrooms. If you are not enjoying your shower anymore, it may be time to remodel. It is a project you can do yourself. There are some factors to consider when planning to remodel a shower.

Shower Doors

Shower doors are made to prevent water from leaking onto the floor. They provide a stronger alternative to curtain which may tear with much use. Doors and screens created from tempered glass can last a long time. The kind of glass will impact how your bathroom looks. For instance, clear glass makes the room look larger. It is also important to think about practicality. There is no reason to buy a luxurious folding door only to have it bump your sink or toilet. Sliding glass shower doors are ideal for small bathrooms since they operate on gliding tracks.

Shower Stalls and Valves

Most homes have shower stalls already, but older homes may need one installed or you may just want a new look. Shower stalls can give older homes modern look. The latest shower stalls are constructed from strong materials like fiber glass, tempered glass or acrylic. You can also get them custom-made to suit your tastes. Consider the layout of the bathroom when looking for stalls. You will need to choose a shower valve. The manual shower valve is manual. It uses on lever to control water pressure. A twin shower valve has two controls. One lever controls temperature and one lever controls water pressure. An electric shower heats water as it enters the valves. It does not require hot water to operate.

Don’t forget to take measurements before you shop. You want everything to fit perfectly. These options are not the only ones, but they make a good starting point. A new shower will bring you much enjoyment for years outcome with the right design. Kitchens and Baths by Briggs offers a vareity of designs.