Tips for Relocating Your Office


Moving your business to a new office location is much more complicated than moving your household. This is because important information can be at risk during the move. If your office move is not handled with great care, your business could be open to risk of losing or leaking sensitive data. Moving an entire business is not a DIY type of job. You will want to hire a professional company that has experience in office moving services. San Luis Obispo, CA is known as the happiest place on earth. Don’t let the stress of relocating your business ruin your whole month.


Make backups of all your computer data long before you go through with the move. You could perhaps back everything up to a secure cloud network. If you have an IT department, they should be in charge of backing up everything. Give them plenty of prior notice, especially if you have a large business. Backing up all of your data can be a very time consuming process.

Discard Obsolete Technology

It would be pointless to move any obsolete IT equipment. Go through all of your computers, copy machines, printers, telephones, and other equipment to see what things you need to bring with you and what things can safely be gotten rid of. Trimming down the list of equipment that needs to be moved ahead of time will make your move that much easier.

Choose the Right Professional Office Mover

A good office moving company should have the experience to move your equipment safely and securely. They must understand the logistics involved with an office relocation. They should adhere to a specific delivery schedule, so you are not wondering where your sensitive data is. They should follow chain of custody protocols, so you can be sure that no one has had access to your data. For instance, your equipment should be sealed prior to being moved, and one person in your office should be authorized to verify the seals have not been tampered with prior to opening them.

Don’t Forget to Fix up the Old Office

Before you return the old office space to the landlord, you should go through and make sure you can get any deposits back. You should definitely have a deep cleaning done on the space. You might want to have some light repairs and painting done in order to make sure you will get any deposits back from your former landlord.