Tips to Pick the Best Discount Cigars


Finding high quality discount cigars which you’ll enjoy shouldn’t be a challenge even if you’ve never made this kind of purchase before. You just need to learn things that will help you make a good purchase and get value for your money. Here are several factors to consider when looking for discounted cigars online.

How regularly do you smoke cigars?

The type of cigar you buy should be dependent on how often you like smoking them. If you are a novice cigar smoker then the milder cigar types would be most ideal. You can even consider buying a flavored cigar since it is sweet and particularly designed for beginners, especially the ladies. However, if you are an avid cigar smoker then opt for the fuller bodied cigars. These ones have stronger flavors and they often come in dark wrappers. Simply look at the color of the wrapper and you can tell the strength of the cigar in terms of flavor.

Choose a reputable brand name

As you look for discount cigars online, remember that the brand name is important. Choose a brand name that you recognize. Some well-known brand names such as Julieta, Macanudo and Cohiba are mostly found at discounted prices online. If you are going for a lesser known brand name then make sure you do a little research about the cigar manufacturer before completing the purchase.

Consider the packaging

Cigars usually come with different types of packaging. The best ones are the tubed cigars not only because they look more presentable but also since the packaging protects and preserves the cigars. Tubed cigars will stay fresh for longer since they are stored in an air tight container. Additionally, they are safely protected so there’s no chance of getting worn out like the ones which are just packaged in cellophane. You’ll find cigars packaged nicely in fancy glass and metal tubes. Even though fancier packaging of cigars may cost you a little more than the ones which are just in cellophane, they are actually a great buy. So make sure you consider the packaging from the very beginning.

As you shop for the best discount cigars, also consider getting a humidifier. This is a specialized storage area for your cigars to keep them fresh and maintain their rich flavor. Don’t store your investment in a poorly designed humidifier. Look for a quality humidifier that produces adequate humidity and keeps the cigars fresh for longer.

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