A few tips for installing DIY cabinets


Installing DIY cabinets can be quite a challenge, even for the most seasoned DIY homeowner but it can be done, there are a number of tips that can make the project run smoother and easier. The key to cabinet installation in Florida is the flooring; it must be as level as humanly possible and free of any rot. Remove the baseboard in the area where the lower cabinets are going to be located and draw a level line where the cabinets are to be installed; this is the line you will work to ensure that the cabinets are even and flush. Plan well ahead for any modifications that will have to be done to the existing plumbing and electrical, and take your time; when you take the project slow and steady you can prevent costly errors.

Every cabinet installation in Florida; DIY or professional should start with a solid, level floor. Before you begin the work, make sure the sub flooring is sound, if there is any evidence of rotting wood this is the time to replace it. The floor needs to be checked to make certain that is flat and smooth. If this is not the case a leveling screed can be poured on the floor that will fill any low areas, bringing the floor to level. If there are any high spots these can usually be brought down with a power sander.

The project will go much smoother if the baseboard is removed in that area where the cabinets will be installed. When the baseboard has been removed it is easier to ensure a flush fit against the walls. When the baseboard is being removed make sure any filler that was used in the past for decorating is cleaned up and pull out any finishing nails that are still in the wall. Draw a line; a chalk line is ideal for this, at the level of the top of the cabinets. This is the line that you will work to; this ensures that the cabinets are level.

By the time you are ready to start installing the cabinets any modifications to the plumbing or electrical should be completed. It may be necessary to cut openings in side and rear walls of the cabinets so you want to make sure these opening are cut in the correct location. Work slowly, make small adjustments as necessary using shims, install the cabinets one at a time and you will find that the finished project will be error free.

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