Tips for Homeowners on Handling Maintenance on Air Conditioners Wichita

by | Oct 16, 2013 | Air Conditioning

When the weather outside is warmer, one of the most important systems in a home can be the Air Conditioners Wichita. Without these units, working properly the residents of the home may be hot and uncomfortable for much of the summer months. This makes it essential that the Air Conditioners or AC units be kept in good shape by having regular maintenance work performed on them.

Since many homeowners today may be looking for ways to save a bit of money, handling some of the maintenance on their Air Conditioners Wichita may be a good way to do this. A homeowner can generally handle many of the yearly cleaning tasks that need to be done on the system without too much trouble.

One of the main elements that will need to be cleaned is the blower unit of the system, which is generally found inside the home. This unit will need to be vacuumed both inside and out. It is also a good idea to spend time cleaning the filter attached to the system as well. The vents or grilles on the unit are prone to collect dirt, which can hinder airflow into the system and cause it to overheat. A stiff brush will generally be best for removing this dirt from these areas.

The compressor or condenser section of the unit will also need to be cleaned as well. Since this unit is kept outside, it s generally necessary to remove the debris such as leaves, twigs and more that the unit can collect. The coils on the system should be cleaned using water from a high-pressure nozzle attached to a garden hose. The metal slats or fins on this component should also be cleaned using a soft brush. These slats can become bent and block airflow. If this happens, they will need to be straightened back out using a fin comb, which can often be purchased at a local hardware store.

Both of the units, inside and outside, should be examined for any signs of damage or deterioration. The wiring will need to be looked at to make sure it is in good shape and the connections are secure. Both units also have fans, which will need to be examined and replaced if necessary. The fan belts will also need to be inspected and replaced as needed.

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