Tips to Help With Ant Control in San Diego

Pest Control

Ants are pesky little creatures that love invading certain areas of your home. Some of them are more prominent in outdoor spaces. There are a variety of ants that can move into your home or take over certain areas outside of your home. They seem to present themselves in huge numbers rather than just having one or two. They are aggravating and can be an embarrassment if they decide your home is their territory. Here are some tips that will help with ant control in San Diego.

Try to follow the ant trails and determine where they entering your home. They can come through cracks in doors, crevices in mold or just about any space that they can fit through. Since they are so small, there really aren’t too many spaces they cannot get through.

Once you determine the entry points, try to seal these. You may want to caulk around any crevices found in window sills, around door frames or any other area you determine could be an entry point.

Keep your home clean. Try to focus a great deal of attention on your kitchen. Ants are drawn to any type of food particles that may be left out in the open. They will seek out crumbs, sticky messes left on counters or any other type of food they can feed on. Make sure you keep your kitchen as clean as possible. This will help inhibit their desire to move in on you.

Store food products in air tight containers.

There are some products you can use to make temporary barriers with. Sometimes boric acid or laundry detergent will sometimes work. If you have pets or children in your home, you may want to try using baby powder as a barrier. Remember that these items are not a permanent solution. They only form a temporary barrier that will help keep ants at bay. It’s always best to hire a pest control company in order to completely get rid of ants in your home.

can offer you other tips and advice on getting rid of these pests in your home. They can also provide you with quality pest control services. Getting rid of ants can be quite the challenge but it’s not an impossible task.