Tips from Lawyer Lawyer Dutton & Drake LLP Workers Comp Attorneys in Des Moines, IA

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Accidents in the workplace are fairly common and involve incidents such as slip and falls and injuries while performing your work duties. If you are injured at your place of employment you can apply for workers compensation to offset the costs that you will incur as a result of your injuries. In order to get the most legal protection and the maximum compensation it is important to work closely with an accident lawyer. Use the following tips from workers comp attorneys in Des Moines, IA to help you receive adequate replacement income and proper medical care after an accident.

Inform your employer about the injury immediately

When injuries happen on the job, it is important to notify your employer as soon as the accident occurs in order to ensure your success with any insurance claims that follow. Telling your employer about an accident as soon as possible ensures that they document the incident and no one can challenge the fact that you received the injuries at work.

Document relevant factors in your case properly

It is important to thoroughly document everything surrounding the accident as soon as possible after it occurs. Take pictures of the site of the incident and any injury you sustain to your body and personal items. If there were any witnesses, take statements from them about what they saw with as much detail as possible. If possible, see a physician to get an official medical report on your condition after the accident. Making good records of the events that led up to an accident and the injuries you sustain makes workers compensation cases more straightforward and likely to get the maximum settlement.

Fill out a claim form

After you document your injuries, it is important to fill out the necessary claim forms that will go on to the insurance company. Utilizing a lawyer for this step is important, especially if your claim is for a large sum or the projected payments will last over a long period. After you fill out the correct forms, make sure your employer contacts the insurance company to get your claim started.

Utilize these tips from experienced workers comp attorneys in Des Moines, IA to get the maximum settlement for your case. If you want expert legal help to file your personal injury claim, contact Lawyer Lawyer Dutton & Drake LLP today to schedule an appointment.