Tips for Winning a Child Custody Case

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Ask any child custody attorney in Harrisburg, PA and they can explain the court has 15 factors to consider when determining child custody. Act 112 of 2010 outlined the areas the court must consider when making such determinations. Ultimately, it comes down to what is best for the child. For instance, the new law is gender-neutral which means there’s no guarantee the mother, or the father, will automatically be awarded custody. Here are five tips to help increase the likelihood for you.

  1. Stay actively involved in your child’s activities. Of course, caring for their needs is important, but it’s equally important to involve yourself in activities and life outside the home. Attending teacher conferences and extracurricular activities can help you in the case.

  1. Support the relationship your child has with the other parent. Family court judges like to see parents who support their child’s relationship with the other parent. This is of course, in the best interest of the child and it should be evident.

  1. Monitor online activity. Do you use social media to blast your ex? If you do, it could be extremely damaging to you in court. Even if you are calm in court, if the judge sees you acting out through various online outlets, it can be an influencing factor.

  1. Be parentally “fit.” Even casually using drugs or alcohol can present problems when trying to secure child custody. Any allegations like these are usually investigated by the court. If you have issues in these areas, it’s best to seek treatment.

  1. Talk to a child custody attorney. Visiting with a child custody attorney in Harrisburg, PA can help ease the emotions and stress commonly associated with this type of case. Your lawyer can offer practical and objective advice on your case.

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