Tips for Squirrel Removal in Plymouth, MA

Pest Control

If you are suddenly hearing the scampering of little feet overhead where there were none before, then you can be pretty sure you have squirrels in your attic and it’s time to Call for Squirrel removal in Plymouth, MA. While squirrels are pretty little creatures, and many people have been known to have them as pets, there are a few things you need to know about the wild squirrels that may have taken up residence in your attic. They are not tame, and they will bite you. It is best to call in a Alamo Pest Control Environment Services, LLC. when it comes to removing these cute little pests, because they can be dangerous. Below, you will find some hints on Squirrel removal in Plymouth, MA.

The first thing you need to do is know your squirrel, because after Squirrel removal, you are going to want to keep them out as well. Study the movements of the squirrel, so you know what his entry points were, then seal up every single opening he was using to get into the house. Even with that squirrel gone, you aren’t guaranteed that another one isn’t waiting to take his place in your attic where it’s nice, dry, and warm.

Make sure you keep trees and shrubs as far away from the house as possible. That means trimming tree branches squirrels can climb to get into the attic. A squirrel can fit through a hole that is as small as two inches, so make sure to seal up everything. Visit Alamo Pest Control Environment Services, LLC. for more information.

If you decide to try and get rid of the squirrel yourself, make sure that you wear thick gloves. A cornered squirrel will attack, and they have been known to carry rabies. If you get bitten trying to remove a squirrel from your attic, you need to seek medical treatment right away, as a squirrel bite can be dangerous, and there is no cure for rabies if it isn’t caught in time. The best way to avoid being bitten by a squirrel, is to call in the professionals to take care of your Squirrel removal in Plymouth, MA to begin with.