Tips for Preventing Failure in Retaining Walls in Brookfield WI

Construction and Maintenance

Retaining walls in Brookfield WI are much more than an aesthetically appealing part of a landscape. They are actually workhorses built for restraining the earth behind them. They have to have the ability to hold up when constant pressure is exerted, or they may fail. Walls that fail can begin to produce large gaps, lean, bulge, crack, sag and eventually collapse. In some cases, the only way to fix failed retaining walls is to tear it down and rebuild it.

There is good news. Most Retaining Walls in Brookfield WI failures can be avoided. Some of the most effective preventative measures are highlighted here.

Drainage Issues

If proper drainage is not present, then it is a recipe for a retaining wall to fail. If water is absorbed into the soil behind the retaining wall, it doesn’t have any place to go. As a result, the pressure behind the wall is increased. If the water continues to build, it can cause the wall to be pushed out, which results in bulging and eventually the entire structure collapsing. The best way to prevent this is by installing drain pipes and using granular, clean rock for the base of the wall and the backfill. As a result, the pressure can be released and wall failure won’t occur.

Compaction Problems

Another common issue with retaining walls is poor compaction. Over time, this can cause the retaining wall to shift, which can produce big gaps in the wall. The soil has to be compacted when excavated and again after the gravel base is added. Each time backfill is added, the compaction process needs to happen again. The most effective way to successfully compact soil is by using a machine that is called a compactor.

There is no question that retaining walls can be beneficial for a number of different types of landscapes. However, if they are not installed properly initially, then they are at serious risk for failing. If a homeowner wants to ensure their retaining wall is designed to last, it is a good idea to enlist the help from the professionals at Outdoor Living Unlimited. Being informed and knowing what results in wall failure can help ensure the desired results are achieved.