Tips for Hiring a Quality Contractor for Roofing in Norfolk


There are hundreds of Roofing in Norflok providers to choose from; however, you may wonder how to choose one that will provide you with quality work and results. The fact is, you should take your time to learn about a roofer prior to hiring them for work. Using the following tips you can feel confident that you have found a quality roofer.


When you consider using a service for roofing in Norfolk, you should ask to see the person’s license or obtain their license number. If they do not possess one, and you allow them on your property, you may be setting yourself for poor quality work or other problems later on.

Take time to verify the license with the proper office in your county. You can also determine if they have had any complaints about the work that they have completed for other clients. Keep in mind, a few complaints should not automatically rule out a roofer, but you should determine if they were answered and rectified by the roofer in a positive manner.


Any time you allow any contractor to work on your property, you should ensure they carry and insurance policy. This should include both Workers’ compensation insurance, as well as liability insurance. This will make sure that you are protected from any claims if damage or injuries occur while the contractor is working on your property.

Get to Know your Contractor

Take time to contact the Better Business Bureau, where you can learn about other details in regards to the roofer you are considering using. Also, check any referrals that are provided to ensure that they offer superior results for any roofing project.

Know What you Want

Prior to signing on the bottom line, you need to be certain that the roofer knows your expectations for the project. You need to prioritize the objectives that you have and obtain a price list that is clearly defined. This should also include any expenditure that may be necessary for roof repair liabilities.

By using these tips, you can feel confident that you have found a quality roofer in Norfolk that will provide superior results. Remember, take your time and find a roofer that you are confident will provide the repairs that you need for your roof.