Tips For Edible Landscape Design In Asheville, NC

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One of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly landscape design trends in and around Asheville, NC, is the inclusion of vegetables and fruits as part of landscaping plants in a front or backyard. 

Adding edible types of plants to landscaping not only provides a delicious way to enjoy the plants in your yard but it also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of buying produce at grocery stores. Choosing different plants for your Landscape Design In Asheville, NC allows you to select berries, vegetables, fruits, and even herbs to create a beautiful look to your yard that helps you to enjoy your own organically grown natural food items. 

Tips and Ideas for Edible Landscaping

Fruits and vegetable plants pair well with specific types of flowering plants. When planted together, the flowers and decorative plants help reduce insect populations, provide nutrients to the soil, or otherwise benefit the growth of the edible plants. 

Here are some great pairings that are ideal for any Asheville, NC, edible landscape design:

  • Borage – classed as an herb, it is a great plant to add to vegetables. Borage attracts bees and other pollinators and is also great at reseeding itself to grow again the next year. 
  • Calendula – also known as pot marigolds, are part of the daisy family. These beautiful orange flowers are great at repelling tomato horn worms and many other pests. Just be careful, they will attract aphids, so they should be planted away from melons, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, and cauliflower. 
  • Marigold – the true marigold is ideal for repelling insects from tomatoes and squash. They also help to eliminate harmful nematodes that destroy the roots of many vegetable plants. 
  • Lavender – beautiful to look at and smell, lavender helps to repel ticks, moths, and even deer. 

Working with a landscaping company ensures the right combination of ornamental and edible plants in your Asheville, NC, garden.