Tips for Choosing the Right Welding Cable

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Electrical

If your business uses welding equipment you likely have the need for several different welders. So what do you do when it’s time to replace the cables or install new units? For example, do you use number 6 AWG welding cable or should you opt for a larger size? Getting the right kind of welding cable is essential to running an efficient operation. It’s also an important matter of safety. Here are some helpful tips for making the right choices.


Most welding cable is large. In fact, sizes can run from 6 AWG welding cable all the way to 350 MCM. Large cable can be extremely stiff and this can make it very hard for the welder to work with. Choose quality cables rated “extra flexible”. These cable types are easy to work with and can greatly increase on-the-job efficiency.

Premium Grade Cables

When you shop for welding cables, premium-grade selections are the best buy. You might pay a little more for premium-grade, but you will get more for your money. Premium cables are designed for:

  • Abrasion resistance – This is very important in some environments (like shipyards) where cables are dragged over all sorts of surfaces.

  • Resistance to burning – In many welding applications burns from sparks are a real possibility. Over time, these burns can weaken insulation. Premium cables will withstand this type of punishment.

  • Ultraviolet light resistance – When welding is done outdoors the cables are exposed to the sun. Over time UV light can break down standard cables, making premium cables the better choice.

  • Resistance to moisture – Moisture is an unavoidable contaminant in some work environments. Make sure your cable is up to the task.

Length Matters

The length of your cables is very important. For example, suppose you purchased a 25-foot roll of #6 AWG welding cable from your supplier. You have two applications that require 10 feet of cable. It’s best to cut the cable in half and use two 12.5-foot sections. Cables that are just a little too short hinder many welders, so it’s a good idea to consider adding at least two feet to what you think is needed.

Buy from a Trusted Welding Cable Supplier

When you purchase your welding cable, choose a company known for its quality cables. You might think you are saving money with a discount service, but you should look for top-quality cables from a trusted supplier. Whether you need large 350 MCM or smaller #6 AWG welding cable, you’ll be assured of quality cables with long life and superior performance.

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