Tips for Buying Lumber in Atlanta, GA, and Ensuring They’re in Good Shape

Transportation and Logistics

If you’ve ever worked in construction or remodeling, attempted to renovate your home without professional help, or have been around lumber yards, you know that many boards on pre-bundled piles of lumber are warped up, down, left, right, and around. Unfortunately, there aren’t any commercial manufacturers of studs or wood planks that are guaranteed to be straightened free of warps and bends. You can use these strategies to improve how well you use both straight and warped pieces of wood.

Be Ready to Manually Check Every Board’s Straightness

At your lumber yard of choice, look for a vertical surface or something else that has a completely straight edge. Once you’re sure that the edge is 100 percent straight, look down the board long-ways, peering down both the wide and skinny dimensions of the board. If it checks out against the surface that’s known to be flat, set that lumber aside and buy it.

You Can Use Bent Wood in Certain Situations

Assume that you’re framing up to pour concrete. Feel free to use warped or bent wood to reinforce the frame you plan on using to form the concrete. Although you’ll need to strive to get your hands on flat, uncurled pieces of plywood to go along all the edges of the concrete pour, don’t worry about these imperfections when trying to buy lumber wholesale in Atlanta, GA.

Pieces of Wood with Large Sides Can Be Straightened

Small, skinny pieces of wood used for things like framing – for example, two-by-fours, also written as 2-inch x 4-inch studs – can’t really be straightened. However, you can correct the bends in pieces of wood that are relatively thin for how wide they are. Feel free to buy warped pieces of lumber when you buy lumber wholesale in Atlanta GA.

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