Tips on Effective Videoconferencing in Annapolis


The rise in the use of video conferencing has many traditional business people scratching their heads and feeling a bit confused at how to make the process work for them. There are many different types of video conferencing services that can make you and your business much more accessible for your customers. The following are a few tips on how to adequately prepare for your Videoconferencing in Annapolis.


To be prepared for you meeting, you should arrive well before the conference is set to start. This will allow you to test the video feed and how it works on your computer. You should check for any distracting glare on the video and adjust the lighting in your room to fix these glares; most of the time pulling down shades or turning off lamps will reduce the glare. Keep in mind that most people who use Videoconferencing in Annapolis usually have the same complaint and that is the darkness of the conference room in reference to the video feed. You can reduce the darkness by adjusting your lights or adding additional small lamps.

Effective Communication

Be sure to do a check of the audio before your conference begins, you can adjust volume levels and placement of the audio equipment. Most beginners fail to realize the sensitivity of the audio equipment and feel that they have to yell to be heard by the other party. This is far from the truth, so you should just speak in your normal tone and volume. By all means avoid asking if the other party can hear you every five minutes, if they cannot hear you will be the first to know.

Be sure to announce who you are and your specific title before speaking especially if you are speaking to a large number of people at once. Also, you should avoid any side conversations when your microphone is on, this can be very distracting to the other guests of the video conference. You should also check around before settling on one company for your video conferencing services and be sure to inquire about any equipment you may need to purchase for their services.