Despite the many positives of social media there is a cold stark reality that all businesses must face when they engage on social media without a Social Media Strategist in Los Angeles. Trolling. Trolling is a customer, competitor or spam using your social media to post negative and often alarming comments. This can have a negative impact on your business, unless you have a strategy to deal with it. Here are some tips for dealing with those pesky little trolls.

  • Respond Swiftly: As soon as you have a negative comment, keep two things in mind: 1) It could be a legitimate complaint and 2) You have to act immediately. Working with a social media strategist in Los Angeles will allow you to have a swift response that is positive. This will work in your favour in two ways: 1) A quick response shows you are not intimidated and 2) Shows others you care and will take immediate action to alleviate dissatisfaction.
  • Respond Privately: Once you have responded it is time to address the points of concern in private. By taking the time to deal with each comment personally you will find out if it is in fact a legitimate complaint and then allow you to make amends for any wrong doing. Have a customer service strategy in place that will allow you to collect information by offering a contact link or 1 800 they can call.
  • True Trolls: Once you respond delete the comment immediately. If it is trolling you do not want to give them free access to your well maintained group of followers it took you so long to build.
  • Prepared Responses: Using a social media strategist in Los Angeles, prepare some responses that will reflect your brand and help endear your customers even more to you. Often poking fun at yourself helps assuage too much anger although this does not work in all situations. The bottom line is that you will have to humble yourself in order to let others following you know that you will indeed handle the problem effectively.

No one is immune to trolling so being prepared is an absolute must for your business. They are simply cyber bullies looking for attention through intimidation.

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