Tips for Custom Birthday Cakes in Chicago

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Birthday’s only come around once a year, and if it is the birthday of a child then you want it each and every one to be extra special and loaded with memories. Of course, that includes getting your little one a Custom Birthday Cake in Chicago, and making sure that the Lapatisserie P bakery makes it for you. On top of that, while you are waiting to put in an order for that special birthday cake, you can have some coffee and either artisan bread, pastries, cookies, tarts, or croissants. While the Custom Birthday Cake in Chicago is very important, the design you have put on it is as well. Below are some tips on how to make this year’s birthday cake the best one ever for your child.

Does your child have a favorite character? How about making sure that the cake you choose not only has that character featured on it, but that you plan the party theme around that character as well. While some characters such as Winnie the Pooh are easy to find, some characters like WWE superstars may be a little harder to plan for.

The best place to find themed birthday items for hard to find items is online most of the time. Go to places like the official website of the characters and see if they have birthday items to choose from. Many bakeries will not have items like WWE superstars to decorate a cake with; however, if you can find the cake topper set, you should be able to take the set into the bakery and the staff be able to put it on your custom ordered cake for you. The only thing you will have left to do then, is make sure that you have the theme of the party down pat, with plates, cups, and even a table cloth of your child’s favorite character.

While the birthday presents are important, the type of cake and the theme of the party are just as important. You can be assured that your child will not be able to tell you what presents he got for his 6th birthday party, but he will be able to tell you the theme, and character cake he had, for years down the line.