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by | Mar 5, 2014 | Dentist

When you need several teeth replaced, your dentist may suggest dentures. Knowing everything you can know about Appleton WI Dentures beforehand will give you an advantage after you have your prosthesis placed. Before anything else, tell yourself that the process takes time and patience! Your body considers the denture as a foreign body, which is a natural reaction. With a little patience and a good understanding of the issues, you will quickly get used to and enjoy your “new” mouth!

The several tips will help you get started in understanding a life with dental prosthesis.
In the beginning, you will probably feel that:

1. The dental prosthesis is very large;
2. There is no place for your language;
3. The amount of saliva increased significantly and you difficulty eating, drinking and swallowing;
4. your voice has changed and the taste of food is altered;

These feelings of discomfort are absolutely normal, but they are temporary. Knowledge of these symptoms allows you to understand the life of having dentures. You get used to it gradually, so be patient and follow the advice your dentist gives you. These professionals know what they are doing!

1. Wear your dentures constantly. Your dentist wants you to wear them as long as possible, especially for the first few days, so you can quickly adapt to them.

2. Train yourself to speak. Practice reading aloud in front of a mirror. Phrases such as “but these snakes are whistling over your heads” are particularly good diction exercises.

3. Swallow your saliva before speaking. This helps put your Appleton WI Dentures in place.

4. Eat small bites. Put a piece on each side of the mouth and chew slowly.

5. FAQ

6. How do I maintain my dentures? Caring for your denture is easier than you might think. Discover everything you need to know through simple oral hygiene basics.

7. What should I expect when I wear my dentures for the first time? It is perfectly normal to experience a bulky sensation, a feeling that your lips are being pushed forward, or you can even experience a gag reflex. You may experience an increase in the volume of saliva and the denture may appear to be loose until the muscles of your mouth fit to hold it in place. Do not worry, your mouth gets used to your dentures soon enough. It takes a couple of weeks for this process to complete.

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