Tip for Maintaining a Concrete Swimming Pool Construction in Senoia, GA

pool maintenance

A Concrete Swimming Pool Construction in Senoia, GA is a way to have fun in the sun and exercise in the privacy of your backyard. This water-filled container is a major investment that needs regular upkeep to retain its longevity, integrity, and functionality. There are some useful guidelines to implement when performing maintenance on a regular schedule. These recommendations can be followed on a weekly or monthly basis. Some tasks will be conducted a few times a year or on an as-needed basis.

Start your pool maintenance by skimming the surface of your Concrete Swimming Pool Construction in Senoia, GA once or twice a week. Bugs, debris, and substances can accumulate at the bottom of the pool causing the pool’s circulation system to diminish in efficiency. Use a hand skimmer or leaf skimmer to do this chore. While you are doing this task, clean the pool’s strainer baskets. Remove the baskets and shake them out in addition to spraying water into the baskets.

Every week, scrub the walls and floor of your swimming pool. This will help loosen any algae or calcium deposits. Afterward, vacuum the pool. The scrubber you use will depends upon the material the pool is made of. A manual vacuum clean will require you to move the vacuum over the pool’s floor and walls by moving it back and forth. During this time, check the pool’s filter to see if it needs to be cleaned. A pool filter should have a small amount of debris in it to capture other substances.

It’s important to check the water level of your pool every few days. The level of the water should not fall below the level of the skimmer to protect the pool’s pump. If water is below this level, use a water hose to fill it up to the desired height. Check the level of the pH in your pool to maintain a continuity of balance between the pool water’s alkalinity and acidity. There are many testing kits to find this measurement including east-to-use test strips. Click here to investigate pool services and payment methods for financing these services.