A Tiny History of Hertfordshire

Construction and Maintenance

Hertfordshire—shortened to Herts—is a county or shire in England, dating back to around 913 A.D. Its name derives from Anglo-Saxon and means ‘deer crossing’—heart ford. The shire of Hertford was records as early as 1011 in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the Hertfordshire emblem depicts two deer because of the popularity of the creatures.

There is much evidence to suggest that humans actually inhabited Hertfordshire as far back as the Middle Stone Age. The Neolithic period saw Hertfordshire’s first farmers and the first permanent settlement appeared around the beginning of the Bronze Age and was followed by other settlements during the Iron Age. In A.D.43 the Romans came and invaded Britain. They quickly built their own settlements and towns, including Verulamium—which we know as St. Albans and it was there that the very first martyrdom took place in British soil. It was around 293 and an Anglo-Roman soldier decided to take the place of a Christian priest who was due to be beheaded at Holywell Hill, hence the name ‘St. Albans’.

The Romans stayed around until the early fifth century when the fall of the Empire sent them packing. Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas were then largely unprotected and were colonized by Anglo-Saxons. The short lived Kingdom of East Saxon was developed around the area but it collapsed in the ninth century after ceding its territory to the West Anglians of Mercia. It wasn’t until the tenth century that Hertfordshire became an official ‘shire’.

Proximity to London and the ‘Posh’ Effect

London started to grow beyond measure and began to bleed into the Hertfordshire borders and many of the homes and suburbs were owned by the aristocracy and nobility. Because of this the local economy got a huge boost and during the Industrial Revolution the population of Hertfordshire and the areas between there and London blossomed. Many of the towns in Hertfordshire have become renowned for certain industries and one of those industries is the movie and film industry, which was based around Borehamwood film studios for many years, to cement in Hertfordshire as a county with purposeful industry that sent movies around the world. The commuter belt has also seem property costs rising in  places that were once far cheaper because they were less accessible.

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