Tin Ceiling Installation In Long Island NY Has A Long History

by | Jul 30, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

A Tin Ceiling Installation Long Island NY can be a pretty amazing addition to any home. These ceilings first gained popularity way back in the 19h century when property owners found them to be an affordable solution for covering up deteriorating plaster. Installing tin over the plaster eliminated the need to call on someone to do wet plaster repair. The popularity of tin ceilings was helped by the fact that they look good. People eventually started using them as their ceiling material of choice. After getting a tin ceiling installed, it’s important for homeowners to learn how to do quick repairs if something goes wrong.

Repairing a Tin Ceiling Installation Long Island NY can be incredibly easy as long as the ceiling isn’t suffering from extensive damage. Abingdonconstruction.com and other quality companies do a good job with installations, so there shouldn’t be any problems with most tin ceilings for many years. But if a tin ceiling does develop cracks or small holes, they can sometimes be fixed by using auto body filler. Holes around an inch thick aren’t that hard to fill with auto body filler. A person can use the same method that people use to fix drywall. There are quite a few video tutorials online that show how to patch drywall, so learning the technique isn’t hard.

Leftover panels can also be used to repair a Tin Ceiling Installation in Long Island NY. A damaged panel can be swapped out for a new one. If a few panels have to be replaced, it shouldn’t take that long to get the job done. After the panels are replaced, it’s best to paint the entire ceiling. Painting the ceiling will hide the fact that some of the panels were replaced. People looking at the ceiling won’t be able to tell that it was fixed.

Tin ceilings are built to last, but that doesn’t mean they should be neglected. They need to be cleaned just like any other area of the home. Most people find that dusting the ceilings keeps them maintained. Washing them with water as part of spring cleaning can also help to keep the ceilings in excellent condition.

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