When it is Time to Hire a Lawyer for Workers Compensation Troy OH


If you find that you have been injured at work, you may wonder if it is time to hire a Workers Compensation Troy OH attorney. This workers compensation payment is essential for you to be able to collect lost wages, pay medical bills and other expenses that you incur. However, you may still wonder if you need an attorney for these factors. Some of the information here can help you decide that it is time to hire an attorney for your case.

Having your Claim Denied

There are some cases when your employer may contend that you were not injured while you were on the job. Additionally, many workers, for fear of losing their jobs, do not ever report an injury until several days or even weeks down the road. An attorney can work with you to investigate the case and gather evidence that will show that the injury did in fact occur on the job.

Issue with the Treating Physician

There are a number of states that will allow you to only be treated by a physician that was approved by your employer and that may want you to return to your job before the actual injury has fully healed. When you hire a Workers Compensation Troy OH attorney, they will help you locate an alternative provider for your health care needs that will have your best interests in mind.

Denial or Delay of Specific Benefits

If you have workers compensation benefits that are delayed for no specific reason, then an attorney will be able to discover the reason and also accelerate the delivery of your benefits. You should also not accept the denial of specific benefits without first consulting a lawyer that may find that the denial that was completely unjustified.


It is against the law in each state to punish or fire an employee if they file a workers compensation claim. When you hire a lawyer, such as the ones at Shipman Dixon & Livingston Co. L.P.A, they will be able to discover the actual reasons for your dismissal or your demotion and then bring a lawsuit up against your employer, if it is necessary.